Saturday, April 4, 2009

praying for a mission

I have been working on a paper for school. Everything is winding down to the finish for this semester. I have a Pumpkin patch layout for Corey that I need to upload. I like how I am dictating to her what she is going to scrap about LOL!

My mother-in-law told me about Angelfood ministries so I checked it out online. There are a couple of churches in the area are pick up places. Angelfood is an outreach ministry where the people order boxes of food a nominal amount of money and it is picked up at a local church. Anyway, I have really been drawn to Angelfood Ministries and I think that I should pray some more about it before I talk to my pastor. It is funny because my husband and I ran into him at the local Lowes today and I mentioned that a client asked me if my church had a food pantry because it is in walking distance to her house. So it occurred to me that since the location of the church is in a residential area that maybe it would be a way to reach out to our community. So I will continue to pray about this. I really need to find a way to serve.

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Melb. said...

Keep praying Cheryl!