Monday, September 22, 2008


So Gabrielle was very egg-cited to try this out. Her teacher told her that a raw egg will stand on its end today because of the fall equinox. Cool huh?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The paper has been started

I went ot the library today to order my books from Paley to be delivered to Ambler. This is big for me. I was able to get two books today to start the process. I am a Temple Owl again BTW. I stopped down to the Medical Center to see if the nurses who took care of me while I was pregnant during my undergrad were still there but they both retired.

Stampin Up has a new sets called Owl Together Now. (The Beatles song is going on in my head) I have that on my next order because I am a Temple Owl again. I also am ordering a fabulous set that features coneflowers. The picture I uploaded is of my mango coneflowers that have managed to survive my neglect. So that is the inspiration for my next card. Which I will get to in October once I receive my next order. I have to wait for a new quarter so that it counts. I am so pathetic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So I decided to go with shtampin cheryl because I like the alliteration and it is an in joke between my sister Anne and myself. We used to crack ourselves up listening to Charlie Sheen say "shtickers" in a Public Service Announcement from the nineties. I think it was for poison control or something along those lines. Oh well tiny things amuse tiny minds. . .

I am still freaking out about all the reading and writing that is due.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Need Motivation

So this is my first post because well it looks so blank there staring up at me. I am working on my first paper for my Social Policy class and I was just thinking that my screen was very bare just like my blog. . . so there you go I had a reason to avoid starting my paper, again!

I am a Stampin Up Hobby demonstrator which means that I stay in business by purchasing my minimums myself. I love Stampin Up paper. Everything coordinates and it takes ink so well (duh it is a stamp company). So I have a stock pile of paper that I am going to find creative ways to use. I will upload some stuff pretty soon.

I am really quite nervous to do demonstrations with adults so I mainly do projects at my daughter's class at school. The kids are so enthusiastic and they help me practice my teaching skills.