Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the year in review

I noticed that I had not really posted anything since S.A.V.E. and I gurss that is because my world got rocked a bit. I dropped out of school for a year to regroup. I cannot say for sure whether it was time well spent or not yet. I do know that I surely want to graduate already so I will be putting more effort into my education.

I am praying about relocating. I should say that my husband and I are praying about this together. We have been living in a somewhat rural area and Bob had been a Philly guy all his life. So we are praying about movign closer to the city. Not in the city, I already endured that for a season and I really did not like it. I felt the tension as soon as I walked out my door. I do want to be closer to Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia so that my daughter can go there for high school.

Along with praying about relocation, I am praying for patience, wisdom and obedience so that I can recognize the Lord's direction.

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