Monday, January 16, 2012

S.A.V.E. 2012

Back from S.A.V.E.  I had pages planned and did not get everything done.  I overpacked again.  So once again I hope I can learn more about myself.   I did not touch my cricut so I will not bring it next year.  I did not use many of my stamps so I will only take stamp sets with me that I have planned.   That goes for inks as well.  Paper and embellishments need to be paiored down as well.  I plan to practice this by going to the monthly Calvary crops only bring one project. If I can get it all packed in one container for a three hour crop then I hope to have a better idea of how to pack for a three day crop. 

What did I get done?  I finished the baby shower book by adding the hospital photos.  I scrapped a two page spread of Gabrielle and Katie at camp, a two page spread of Gabrielle drinking hot chocolate and took two classes. The second project took me nearly all day on Saturday.

 Also Sunday is a complete waste because all I did was pack up which is another reason to pack light next year.     

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